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Our Genius kit is for those experienced builders who want to occupy themselves designing fun, inspiring, complex creations and and bring them to life using our conductive building blocks, full range of sensors, colorful LEDs and our programming and phone-app control capabilities. 

The Genius kit has a smart battery brick that includes Bluetooth, app control and programming capabilities,  all of our light, sound and proximity sensors and Light bricks (white color).

The Kit includes:

One Battery Brick  with Bluetooth, programming and phone-app control capabilities
Two Motor Bricks
Twenty Four 1x4 Technic Conductor Bricks
Sixteen 2X2 Corner Bricks
Thirty 1X2 Conductor Bricks
Six 1X3 Conductor Bricks
Twenty 2x2 Conductor Bricks
Twelve 1x4 Plates
Six Light Brick (white)
Two Light Sensors
Two Sound Sensors
Three Proximity Sensors
Two Magnet Logo Bricks
Two 2X2 Magnet Bricks
Two 8X16 Bricks
Fifty Two Gear Accessories
One Pocket Screwdriver
Two Crocodile Cables 


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